It’s the Season of Eye Safety: Safe Toy Awareness Month

Get ready to celebrate Safe Toy Awareness Month with The EyeDoctors Optometrists in Kansas! We're here to help you pick out the safest and most fun toys for this holiday season, so everyone in your family can have a blast while staying protected.

If you're planning to buy fun toys for the holidays, just remember to keep your kids' eye safety in mind. With a little care in choosing the right toys and following our tips, you'll make this holiday season the safest and happiest one yet!

Keep Your Toys Safe this Year

You can make the holidays fun and safe by following our safety tips.

Avoid Toys that Shoot Objects

Toys that shoot are often a hit with the little ones, but they fall short in terms of safety. Often, the first instinct of a child is to aim these toy projectiles at others, and this behavior can carry risks. The eyes are sensitive and are susceptible to getting hit by these projectiles.

This can potentially result in significant harm. Additionally, there's the potential for children to inadvertently hit their own eyes. 

Follow Toy Age Guidance

Ever wondered why toys have those age ranges on them? Well, there's a good reason. Toy safety experts carefully evaluate toys and assign them age ranges to make sure the right kids are playing with the right toys. This is especially important when toys have small parts or things that can shoot out.

Toys are also designed to match how kids grow and learn. That means when they play, they're not just having a blast, they're also getting smarter!

Find Durable Toys

The holiday season happens just once a year, making it the perfect time to buy great toys for your little ones. The magic of high-quality toys lies in their durability – they'll stick around much longer than those cheaper alternatives.

Kids can get pretty rowdy with their toys, and if their toys aren't up to the challenge, they might end up breaking and leaving behind some sharp pieces that could potentially cause harm. That’s why you should prioritize toys that won’t break.

Avoid Sharp Toys

Toys often come crafted from sturdy hard plastic, and where there's hard plastic, there can be some sharp and pointy edges. These edges can pose a danger when kids are playing. There’s also a potential eye injury risk.

When making your toy selections, take a good look at the toys and check for any of those sharp edges that might cause harm. Your kids' safety is worth the extra attention!

Watch Out for Small Pieces

Out of all the parts of a toy, the small ones are usually the most dangerous. These tiny pieces can be accidentally swallowed, posing a choking risk. Those small toy parts can also find their way into your child's eyes, causing potential harm.

Those small, pointy toy pieces could even get lodged in someone's eyes. Carelessness around these little pieces could lead to lasting eye damage.

Safe Toys are the Most Fun Toys

Remember, safe toys are fun toys! When you choose toys that are both safe and suitable for your children, you're keeping the entire holiday family safe. Nobody wants unexpected injuries putting a pause on the festive season. Choosing safe toys can help ensure everyone's eye safety.

Follow these other safety tips:

  • Make sure toy batteries are locked in tight. Batteries are far from harmless and can cause harm in many ways.

  • Look for toys that are made from safe materials. Some toys use materials that could potentially be harmful, so it's a good idea to be extra cautious about what your kids are playing with.

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Make your holidays merry and safe this year. Since toys are such an important part of the season, it's important to keep everyone happy and secure.

Our team at The EyeDoctors Optometrists is here to help you with all the eye care you need during the holiday season. We have locations all across Kansas. No matter where you are, quality eye care and comprehensive eye exams are never far away!

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