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Comprehensive Eye Care From The EyeDoctors Optometrists

At The EyeDoctors Optometrists, our trusted team of highly trained eye care professionals focuses on maintaining the health of your eyes with comprehensive eye care including routine eye exams, preventative care, and treatment. Our eye doctors are focused on helping you see beautifully for a lifetime and are on the leading edge of eye care and patient technology, with advanced diagnostic techniques, high-quality vision care products, and an electronic portal for accessing patient information. Routine eye exams are a vital part of your overall health. Many eye conditions have no symptoms before they become serious, but yearly preventative eye care from our optometrists can detect and treat these conditions early.

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The EyeDoctors Optometrists offer comprehensive eye care at all of our locations in Kansas. For a location nearest to you visit our locations page.

What Is Comprehensive Eye Care?

Comprehensive eye care is when an eye doctor examines your overall eye health to diagnose and treat potentially harmful eye conditions.

A comprehensive eye exam also allows your eye doctor to find any early signs of various eye conditions including those prevalent in your family’s health history. 

Comprehensive eye care also includes diagnosing and treating a wide variety of eye conditions, such as:

  • Dry eye

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts

  • Diabetic retinopathy

  • Macular degeneration

A comprehensive eye exam can also detect the onset of other health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

If you wear contacts or eyeglasses, comprehensive eye care includes a review of your prescriptions and updates, if needed. Our doctors will help you find the most comfortable option to improve your vision.

Eyeglass Fitting

The EyeDoctors Optometrists provide eyeglass prescriptions and fittings if it’s determined that eyeglasses are needed during your eye exam. Our friendly opticians will help you select eyewear based on your style, budget, and custom fit to your prescription requirements. Our optical staff will also take a look at your hobbies, occupation, and other lifestyle needs to make sure we find the perfect pair for you! Some of our lens options include glare-reducing/anti-reflective coating, blue light protection, progressive lenses, and more. Click HERE to view our available eyeglass brands and styles.

Comprehensive Eye Exams from The EyeDoctors Optometrists

Annual eye exams are a key component of comprehensive eye care. Eye exams at The EyeDoctors Optometrists go beyond just simple vision tests and really paint a picture of the overall health of the eye.

Eye exams test visual acuity, detect central and peripheral vision dysfunction, determine how your eyes react to the dark and to light, and test for any signs of glaucoma, dry eye, cataracts, and other eye diseases. Additional eye health tests performed during a comprehensive eye exam include depth perception, color vision, peripheral vision, and the response of the pupils to light.

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At The EyeDoctors Optometrists, our eye doctors are focused on helping you see beautifully for a lifetime! During a comprehensive eye exam we take a look at all aspects of the eye and the overall health. Our eye exams can detect conditions such as dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, and will also help in diagnosing and treating those conditions. Your eye health is important so schedule an eye exam today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Comprehensive Eye Care

Are Comprehensive Eye Care Services Covered by Insurance?

Every vision insurance plan is different, but The EyeDoctors Optometrists accepts most major insurance providers. Contact your local office for more information.

Does The EyeDoctors Optometrists Provide Prescription Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses and prescriptions are a part of comprehensive eye care and the doctors at The EyeDoctors Optometrists help with finding the right pair for your prescription.

What Are Treatment Options for Eye Conditions?

The EyeDoctors Optometrists provides a variety of treatment options depending on which eye condition you’re experiencing. Some eye conditions are resolved with eye drops or medications, while others require glasses, contact lenses, or a procedure to help improve vision.