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The EyeDoctors Optometrists is staffed with highly trained eye doctors who specialize in pediatric eye care, children’s comprehensive eye examinations, and vision development tests.

Our Kansas eye doctors use the latest technology to conduct comprehensive eye exams to assess the health and development of a child’s eyes and vision. Early detection is critical for identifying signs of eye problems and childhood eye disorders. 

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The EyeDoctors Optometrists offers kid’s eye exams at our locations in Kansas. Find us in Overland Park, Topeka, Lawrence, or other cities throughout the Sunflower State.

What Is a Kid’s Eye Exam?

A kid’s eye exam is an exam performed by an optometrist to determine your child’s eye health and visual abilities. 

Many learning skills are dependent on the strength of a child’s visual skills, so doctors recommend that children have their first eye exam as early as six months of age, and again before they begin school. 

During the exam, the eye doctor may ask you to answer questions about your child’s birth or health history. They will also ask about any concerns you may have regarding your child’s eye health or vision. 

As parents, it’s important to communicate any delays in your child’s motor development or other conditions diagnosed by a family doctor.

What Should I Expect During My Child’s Eye Exam?

At The EyeDoctors Optometrists, our team of highly skilled doctors will perform a physical exam of a child’s eyes for signs of eye disorders. 

During the exam, your child’s eye doctor will use a device called a retinoscope to determine whether vision correction is required and also conduct vision screening using eye charts. 

Your child’s eye exam will also include eye alignment testing and an evaluation of the outside and inside of the eye. 

Your child’s optometrist might recommend your child’s eyes be dilated. This allows us to get a better view of the inside of the eye and identify any abnormalities. The eyes are dilated using special eye drops, which are safe and effective even for very young children.

The Experienced Children’s Optometrists at The EyeDoctors Optometrists

The EyeDoctors Optometrists specialize in eye care for kids across the state of Kansas. Our optometrists will perform a physical exam of a child’s eyes to identify signs of eye disorders such as strabismus (lazy eye), farsightedness, myopia, or astigmatism. 

During the examination, your child’s eye doctor will conduct a visual acuity test using eye chart tests to measure your child’s eye development. The optometrist will also carefully observe eye movement by having your child follow lights or toys. Children who talk but cannot read may be asked to point to or identify pictures of objects.

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Our pediatric eye doctors can help diagnose refractive errors and eye disorders, assess the health and development of your child’s vision, and prescribe corrective lenses. To protect and restore your child’s vision, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with the experts at The EyeDoctors Optometrists.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kid’s Eye Exams

How Long Does a Kid’s Eye Exam Take?

At The EyeDoctors Optometrists, a child’s eye exam can last anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. The timing of the exam can vary, as it depends on the child’s development and the types of testing included in the pediatric exam.

Does My Child Need a Referral for an Eye Exam?

At The EyeDoctors Optometrists, a referral is not necessary for back-to-school or routine eye exams for children. The EyeDoctors Optometrists recommends that a parent requests a referral from a family doctor for children with health conditions that affect their eyes.

Contact your insurance provider to discuss if they require a referral before covering a child’s eye exam.

Can an Eye Exam Damage My Child’s Eyes?

No. Comprehensive eye exams do not cause damage to the eyes and are actually critical for children’s eye health. While the tests and procedures performed during a child’s eye exam may affect the patient with temporary headaches or vision changes, these are only short-term side effects and will have no long-term impact on their vision.