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At The EyeDoctors Optometrists, we want you to feel empowered to make informed decisions about your eye health. From overall eye care, glasses, and contacts, learn more through our eye care resources.

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Use Your FSA or HSA for Eye Care
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11 Facts About RGP Contact Lenses
Is Dark Mode Better for Your Eyes?
Is Dark Mode Better for Your Eyes?
Woman experiencing joy of sight after LASIK eye surgery during hike holding hands happy smiling
Vision Therapy Exercises to Try at Home
Sleeping - Contacts
Can You Sleep With Contacts In?
Aging patient practicing active lifestyle yoga
Cataract Eye Surgery | Prepare & Recover
Contact Lens Eye Exam: What to Expect
Contact Lens Eye Exam: What to Expect
What Does a Contact Eye Exam Cost?
What Does a Contact Eye Exam Cost?
How to Put In Contact Lenses
How To Put In Contacts Safely
Woman smiling learn how To Read Your Contact Lens Prescription
How To Read Your Contact Lens Prescription
How to Choose Between Daily vs. Monthly Contacts
Daily vs Monthly Contacts
Girl swimming smiling looking up joy of sight contact lenses
Can You Swim With Contact Lenses?
Eye Exam - What to Expect 2
What to Expect During an Eye Exam
doctor led patient focused
Comprehensive Eye Exams vs. Contact Exams
Macular Degeneration Surgery Hero
Guide To Macular Degeneration Surgery
Woman smiling Diabetic Awareness month
Diabetic Awareness Month
Refractive Error Image
Refractive Error | Symptoms and Treatment
National Sunglasses Day
National Sunglasses Day: The Benefits of Sunglasses
Family having cookout joy of sight
What Causes Floaters & Flashers in the Eye?
fsa use it or lose it image
What is Astigmatism? Symptoms & Treatment
How to Stop Watery Eyes
How Do You Stop Watery Eyes?
Contact Eye Exam
What is Glaucoma? | Common Symptoms
What is Macular Degeneration?
Cataract and glaucoma patient older couple riding motorcycle joy of sight
How to Prevent All Types of Eye Injuries
Friends holding fireworks sparklers
Eye Protection Safety: Sun and Fireworks
hsa and fsa differences
Differences Between HSA & FSA | Vision Costs
Digital eye strain relief
How to Avoid Digital Eye Strain with the 20/20/20 Rule
Woman with yellow sweater and glasses
How to Clean Your Glasses Properly
Aging eyes cataract patients smiling laughing safe eyes
How to Keep Aging Eyes Healthy
How to Treat Eye Allergies
How to Treat Eye Allergies
Pediatric Refraction Image
Understanding Pediatric Refraction Eye Exam Results
Little girl on halloween safety month
Halloween Safety Month Tips
Happy friends with prescription sunglasses joy of sight
The 4 Most Popular Eyeglass Frame Styles
Impact of pediatric eye care children smiling happy joy of sight
The Importance of Pediatric Eye Care
Kids Eye Exam
Kids Eye Doctors Visits: What To Know
Types of Eye Allergies that May Be Irritating Your Eyes
Common Types of Eye Allergies
Anesthesia Provides Patients Comfort During Cataract Surgery
What Are Varifocal Lenses?
Dry Eye Treatment
Six Dry Eye Treatment Options
Infant child during pediatric eye exam with expert eye doctor
What Is a Pediatric Eye Exam?
Couple riding bikes on the beach smiling wearing prescription sunglasses uv protection
Tips For Effective UV Eye Protection
Happy family celebrating World Blindness Awareness Month 2023
World Blindness Awareness Month: A Comprehensive Guide
Couple walking enjoying joy of sight
Tips For World Diabetes Day
Happy woman riding bicycle on World Sight Day
Celebrate World Sight Day on October 12th

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